LYDIA Home’s Foster Care Program is second to none. Lydia goes above and beyond, working with DCFS, the natural family, and the foster family to ensure that children receive the care they need until the hopeful goal is achieved of seeing families reunited after foster care.

We ask you first attend an information session as a first step to becoming licensed with Lydia Home. If you have already attended a session, you can simply select to apply to foster


Basic Requirements of Foster Care: 

  • An Illinois resident, at least 25 years of age, with a verifiable income

  • In good physical and emotional health

  • Accepting of the temporary nature of foster care

  • Work cooperatively with LYDIA, DCFS, and the natural family

Do you want to learn more about what Foster Care entails? Attend an upcoming information session!

Lydia - Foster Care

Foster Care FAQs

What kinds of children need foster homes the most?

Adolescents, brothers and sisters who need to stay together, Hispanic and African American infants and children, babies born drug-exposed or with HIV (AIDS), children with sexualized behaviors.

Can a single person be a foster parent?


Do foster children need individual bedrooms?

No. A foster child can share a room with your children or other foster children of the same sex and age range. The foster child must have a bed of his or her own. A foster child may not share a bedroom with an adult—except for brief periods due to the child’s illness or another need for attention.

How long does it take to get a foster child?

The licensing and training process takes from four to six months. Placement can depend on the children that are referred to our agency who may match the strengths and family dynamics of the licensed foster parent family. After your training is completed, you will be issued a license, which is valid for four years.

How do I address the fear of becoming attached to a child just to see them go?

Do not be deterred by the fear of loving a child who might leave. Instead, be driven by the fear of a child never knowing love.

How am I paired with a child?

You can express a preference on the age, race, and sex of the child and the specific needs of a child, such as, the behavioral or medical needs a child may have that you believe would best fit in with your family. You are paired with a child based on your preference and what you feel equipped to foster, as well as the type of child the Lydia Home Team believes you are best suited to foster.

What if I work full time?

DCFS provides assistance for work-related daycare expenses.

How do I become a foster parent?

Contact the LYDIA Foster Care Licensing Department to begin the process. We will set you up with a consultation, answer any questions, and work through the process with you.

What kind of support will I receive?

Foster parent(s) receive a monthly stipend. DCFS pays for the medical care of the children, as well as covering educational and some personal items.



Types of Foster Care

Respite Foster Care

Temporary care for children to relieve other foster parents during emergencies, vacation, or other circumstances for a few days or weeks.

Traditional Foster Care

Care for children ages 0 to 18 whose families are experiencing issues that make them unable to care for their children.

Specialized Foster Care

Care for children who have significant behavioral or emotional issues that require attention above the average foster child. Foster parents who either already have necessary skills, or are willing to be trained to meet the special needs of these foster children, may become part of a “specialized” or “treatment” foster care program providing intensive services.

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Thank you for supporting these amazing kids and for helping to bring HOPE, HEALING, and HOME to children in foster care.